Gathering of Eagles – 2018, Ellen McIntyre, Mike and
Jocelyn Barker, Joe Katterhenry, Don Garvin, Bob Collins,
Bob and Linda Little
on Anderson, one of
the Indiana Falconers
Associations founding
members, passed away
on March 16, 2018 in Winter Haven,
Florida. Don was born on April 9,
1922, joined the Coast Guard when
he was 18 and transferred to the Navy
during WWII. Don served his country
as an artist – with a specialty of
painting ladies, targeted at keeping the
sailors morale high! After his time in
the service, he worked as a commercial
artist at Indiana State University until
the time of his retirement. He also graced
magazine covers while working as a male
model. What a life!
His falconry career was equally distinguished.
His son, John, recalls his father purchasing an
imprint female Golden Eagle for the Omaha or
Council Bluffs zoo for $50.00 in the late 50s or
early 60s.
When he realized she was a hardcore imprint
and began laying eggs, Don built a cinderblock
chamber in the family garage for her. Don
told the Archives that he then contacted Fran
Hamerstrom in Wisconsin who had a tierce
GE that would copulate on her head. Fran sent
Don the tiercel, which he trained to copulate
on the back of his hand. Don would collect the
semen in the crease of his fingers with a syringe
and then go into the adjoining chamber and
inseminate the female.
Don constructed a homemade incubator from
an old Styrofoam cooler, with egg holder made
from bent coat hangers, plastic
ice cube trays for humidity
controls, and crude fans. The
incubator was kept on the
kitchen table and Don turned
the eggs by hand. Dons wife
Mary dutifully turned the eggs
while Don was at work. Their
meticulous attention to detail worked – the
eggs hatched! Over the years, Don raised
several golden eagles with this method – giving
them to area zoos.
Don successfully flew several raptor species:
Gos, redtails, Harris, a prairie, and golden
eagles. He was a master craftsman who made
his own hoods, bells, swivels and perches. He
was skilled at braiding leashes too. He was a
talented professional artist as well.
Due to his pioneering efforts in establishing
the Indiana Falconers Association and
legalizing falconry in Indiana, Don was granted
Honorary Lifetime Membership.
Dons wife Mary passed away in 2011. They
are survived by his brother, two sons, John
and Jim, five grandchildren, and ten great
Indiana falconry would not be where it
is without the pioneering efforts of Don
Anderson – he will be missed.
Don Anderson
Don was a gifted
artist and worked
at Indiana State
University until
retirement as a
commerical artist.
Don captive bred
golden eagle and
chick in 1974.
Left: Don
and Jim
IA 1999.
Right: Don
at Terre
Haute IFA
Meet in
Left: Don
Don Anderson &
Female European
Gos 1963.
Indiana falconry
would not be where
it is without the
pioneering efforts of
Don Anderson – he
will be missed.