Justin Wright, Phillip and Lori Smith, Charlie Kaiser and Pam
Hessy, Jamaica Smith, Sharon Hartson, Mark Houskeeper, Tom
Gleason, Alyssa Ervin, Candice Cooper, Frederick Ottoway,
Richard Brunotte, Scott McNeff, North American Falconers
In remembrance of
Dan H. Brunotte
This is typical photo of Dan. Cooper’s were his favorite from the start. His falconry began
along with mine and several others when Walt Disney presented us with “Rusty and the
Falcon. Dan was 9 at the time, and we caught our first bird, a passage Cooper’s with an
injured wing, shortly after. That bird got released after it healed, but it was the start of a life
long love of falconry!
The picture is what he still looked like at 70 years old with the dark hair and beard and a
cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He was an off and on again NAFA Member whenever he
could afford it or I gifted it to him. He always said he should have been a charter member, but,
being just a teenager at the time, he didnt get an invite up to Webster’s for the meeting.
by Richard Brunotte
Dan and Richard with Pali and
Perky Nov 1987
Forever remembered,
forever missed