ichael passed away on the morning of July 14, 2019
peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends
after his heroic fight with MDS (bone marrow cancer)
diagnosed in December of 2018.
Michael was born in National City, California. The son of Joseph
Connolly of New York and Eleanor Alpha Holt of North Bend,
Oregon. He spent the majority of his life in San Diego. Retiring to
Montana for ten years and then to Weatherford, Texas. Michael was
a loving father, fisherman, falconer and all around avid sportsman.
He was an enthusiastic falconer as a young man. He was a great
influence on many young falconers back in those early days.
Through his guidance and dedication, his spirit will live on.
Those were busy, happy times for young Mike. He learned
carpentry from his father, got married and raised a family.
He started Connolly Construction in 1976, which became Falcon
Framing, the successful company he built and ran for 26 years
building many homes in San Diego. He sold the business in 2002
to Terry Morgan and Lester “Chigi” Phipps. They are still building
to this day.
He later married his soulmate Lynne Perry Garrison in December,
1997. They followed their dream and travelled the world.
Michael followed his lifelong passion of hunting big game in
Africa. He was a member of SCI Club San Diego Chapter. He had
many memorable trips hunting with his wife, family and friends,
in many parts of the world. His other passion was fishing. He and
his wife Lynne build a home in Cabo San Lucas where they spent
many months of the year fishing for marlin on their boat The
Falcon on the Sea of Cortez.
His life was cut short, but what an amazing life it was.
He is survived by his wife Lynne Connolly of Weatherford, Texas,
daughter Cheryl (Lew) Moore of Rollins, MT., son Donald
Connolly of San Diego, son Casey Connolly of Walnut Creek,
stepdaughter Tiffany (Chris) Stacy of Poway, CA., sister Judy (Al)
Cantwell of Renton, WA., sister Valerie (John) Miller of Colorado
Springs, CO. He was preceded in death by his parents, his brother
Joe (Susan) Connolly, and stepsister Sandra Middleton.
Lynne Connolly, Lew and Cheryl (Connolly) Moore, Daniel
Sansome, Frank Ely and the California Hawking Club, Bob
Michael Joseph Connolly
September 1, 1940 – July 14, 2019
Michael was a
loving father,
fisherman, falconer
and all around avid
Michael had many memorable trips hunting and fishing wi his wife, family and friends.