Kenny Sterner, Marshall and Kathleen Rodelli, Robert and Mary
Ar1nbruster, Ronald Bro\vn, Dave Steele, Frank and Linda El)' and the
California 1-lawking Club Trust
( ( Andy Doran took his falconry
seriously. Many can talk about their
falcons - others let their birds flying
ability speak for itself. Andy was
the latter. His birds were consiste11t
winners at the highly competitive
Utah Sky Trials. Andy,s attention to
detail in training and conditioning
produced outstanding falco11s. His
kite and balloon training produced s
falcons that were masters of the sky!
Such conditioning does 11ot come
by accident but is the product of a
comprehensive, rigorous, consistent
trainii1g program. And, for Andy,
the sky trials were just another step
toward developing fine game hawks.
Simply, Andy took great care of his
birds and dogs - a11d it sl1owed! ) )
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Andy's grandchildren at his gravesite in 2013.
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-I(enr1}' Sle1·ne1·
''I will always remember Andy as one of the first who soar hawked a Harris. Andy was always
someone who knew how to get the best out of any bird he flew whether it was a hawk during his
younger years or his beloved falcons that he won so many prizes with. He was passionate about the
sport, was always approachable, and would gladly give advice if asked.'' -Ron Brovvn