Sunni Black, Gary and Becky Boberg, Kim Caldwell, Kate Davis, Jamey Eddy, James and Diane Holmes,
Grainger and Terry Hunt, Tom Maechtle, Montana Falconers Association, David and Jeannette Pearson,
Myron and Janey Rand, David and Marci Rimlinger, Ronald and Annette Schmidt , Will Sooter, Jay and
Janna Sumner, Ernest Way, Mike and Karen Yates
“He was a dear friend who will be greatly missed.
Always a story, always a smile.”
— Myron and Janey Rand
“We miss our beloved cousin very much. Thank
you for giving us this opportunity to remember
Scott and his life and work.
With love and thanks,”
Annette and Ron Schmidt
“Scott was a wonderful falconer and our dear
— Grainger and Terry Hunt
“I have known Scott Francis for over 35 years. In
all my ying and personal experiences over the
years, I can say without a doubt, Scott was one
among the few who knew what giving back to the
sport of falconry meant. His devotion to the study
of the sport as well as his unselsh lending of his
time to ongoing research was beyond compare.
His light shined so bright and graceful when here
with us. He left his handprint on the hearts of not
only those who loved raptors, but also those who
simply loved being in the presence of the beauti-
ful soul called Scott H. Francis.”
— Ernest Way
In Tribute
Scott Francis died of cancer at his home at age
55, surrounded by friends and family after bravely
ghting this terrible illness for many years. Scott
and wife Karen moved to here in 2008 from Cali-
fornia to practice his passion for falconry (and
shing) at a family home in Arlee, Montana. Jay
Sumner introduced us and I quickly grew to re-
spect his advice on falconry, and loved his stories
and company. I only wish I could have had more
days in the eld with him, as every moment has
been treasured.
The Archives of Falconry at the Peregrine Fund
in Boise is erecting a plaque in his honor, on the
Wall of Remembrance, a monument to those that
have made a special contribution. Everyone that
ever met Scott will agree that he was a true leader
in the sport, and his passing a tragic loss.
— Kate Davis, Raptors of the Rockies
Photo by Gary Boberg
Eyass Redtail the day
I pulled her
Photo by Gary Boberg
Trucker just after being
Photo by Kate Davis, 2009
Photo by Tom Maechtle
Photo by Lynne and Michael Connolly
Photo by Gary Boberg
Photo by Gary Boberg
Photo by Lynne and Michael Connolly
First wild kill by Dillon. Photo by Karen Francis
Photo by Dave Rimlinger
Buck, Scott, and Dillon.
Photo by Karen Francis
Karen and Scott Francis. Photo by Gary Boberg
Karen Francis, Dave Rimlinger, and Scott.
Photo by Dave Rimlinger
With Wyoming friends, 2006. Photo by Dave Rimlinger
Photo by Jay Sumner
Photo by Karen Francis