Tom Franz
Tom was a founding member of the Pennsylvania
Falconry and Hawk Trust (PFHT) in 1976 and a
longtime NAFA member. He ew mostly Red-tails
and Harris hawks, as did nearly everyone in PA at that
time. He was a huge supporter of falconry and the
club, attending every PFHT Meet and Picnic and also
attended some NAFA meets. His main contribution to
the sport was his craftsmanship. He produced many
many aluminum Giant Hoods. Those boxes were light
weight, roomy, easily cleaned and, most importantly,
were the safest boxes ever. The boxes were as
beautiful as they were functional and they were
durable. I still use one that is over 40 years old.
Tom died suddenly of a heart attack, far too young.
The PFHT Board thought enough of him to make a
donation to the Archives in Toms honor hoping to
have his name placed on The Wall.
In Remembrance of Tom Frantz, our brother..he passed away suddenly at the age of 61 years old on
September 28, 2008. Of course, everyone was in total shock and his presence is very much missed.
We will forever remember him as a good soul with a big heart especially for any creature with feathers or
fur! He had a very quiet personality, always deep in thought and had a very caring and quiet nature. One
thing we did not realize fully until after his passing, was his amazing talent and creativity. At his funeral
and to this very day, so many of his fellow falconer friends, commented on all of the items Tom created for
them over the past several decades. He never had an ego to speak of and was never self absorbed, he always
wanted to lend a hand where he could. Tom was the oldest in our family and was one of the cool” kids and
was very much liked by anyone who came into contact with him. He was a dedicated falconer and to watch
him in action, it was as if he was born to be with the birds and nature. He seemed to be at his happiest when
around the birds and with anyone who was willing to chat with him and share his passion.
He had a profound impact on so many lives and his life was cut way too short. He had a lot more time,
talent, creativity and love to share with his family and of course his feathery and furry friends as well as his
many life-long friends. We believe he is in a better place, flying high with his beloved hawks. Whenever we
see a red tail, we say, Toms here looking out for all of us.
May he rest in peace until we meet again,
Robin & Carol
MY FRIEND TOM by Jack Hubley
I met Tom many years ago - probably the early 1980s - at one of our PA
Falconry & Hawk Trust meets in Pennsylvania. Tom and his father, Willie,
were loyal members of PFHT, and I can’t remember attending any of our
picnics or eld meets without them being there.
Tom was a master craftsman, known best for his aluminum giant hoods
that enabled us falconers to transport our birds safely. I doubt that
theres a state in the U.S. where Frantz hoods cannot be found. (As a
long-time falconer and director of The Falconry Experience for Hershey
Entertainment & Resorts, I believe I purchased at least 8 Frantz giant
hoods over the past three decades.) In later years, Tom was also turning
out some beautifully crafted falconry bells.
Beyond that, though, Tom was a great human being - a straight shooter
and a good friend.
He would certainly be a credit to the Wall of Remembrance.
He was a dedicated falconer and to
watch him in action, it was as if he was
born to be with the birds and nature.
Tom with parents and
sisters, Robin and Carol
Tom and Lou Woyce
Tom and Berks County
Austringers, March 1971
Donors: Ken Felix, Pennsylvania Falconry & Hawk Trust, John A.
Hubley, Robin Bailey, Mike Keiser