Jim and Millie Frazier
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Jim | On November 29, 1926, the
world welcomed the birth of a true
adventurer. On June 21, 2018, the
adventure ended. Jim Frazier did it
all. He graduated from St. Josephs
University. He competed in track
– holding many javelin throwing
records that held for years.(Years later
at a NAFA meet, he and longtime
falconer acquaintance Lou Woyce
found out they competed at many
of these track meets although not in
the same events.) He served on active
duty during WWII and was stationed
in Tokyo Bay from January 1945 to
May 1946. Jim began his career with
the FBI in 1951 and served as a Special Agent in Columbia,
SC, then Saginaw, MI. He jumped at an opening for his dream
assignment when a slot opened in Anchorage, Alaska. He
served there until his retirement in 1976.
Jim was a lifelong falconer, over 80 years, possibly the longest
active falconer in US history. He flew birds for approximately
80 years. Falconry was Jims lifelong passion and he enjoyed
the total support of his loving wife Millie.
Jim is survived by his children: Anette Marie, Linda Sue, Linda
Lil; James Holman IV, Robert Miller, and 12 grandchildren and
11 great grandchildren.
Millie | Mildred C. (Millie) Frazier
was born on May 30, 1926 to her loving
parents, Laurinda and Lyle Cossey in Salt
Lake City. Millie always considered Alaska
her home. She was fortunate to have been
able to spend 47 years in Anchorage,
working at Matanuska Bank. She met her
husband Jim there and they spent 40 years
filled with fun and adventure, enjoying
their cabin on an island in Big Lake.
One of her more treasured adventures
was floating the entire 2,000 miles of
the Yukon River. She loved to travel, and
enjoyed Paris, London and family trips to
Hawaii with all their side adventures.
She was a warm
and loving
who gave all
her children her
whole heart.
Coopers Nest, 1943.
Photo by Doc Stabler
AFA 1992 Tangle Lakes, Alaska
Point Hope,
Alaska, 1964
Patches &
MI, 1991
Falconry was Jim’s lifelong
passion and he enjoyed the total
support of his loving wife Millie