Tony James, Ian McCheyne, Peter Devers, Daniel Seeds, Gary
Scheffert, Traman Burke, Cliff and Janna Kellogg, Jill Nezworski,
Larry Crowley, William Barbour, Mike and Jocelyn Barker, Sam
and Lynn Dollar, Scott McNeff, Colorado Hawking Club, High
Plains Falconers, North American Falconers Association
ene Johnson had been a falconer, artist, and falconry
equipment maker since 1964.
He graduated from Ohio State
University in 1970 with a degree in Wildlife Management. He
served in the United States Air Force as an ICBM Missile Launch Control
Officer during the Vietnam War. At Wichita State University and Kent
State University, he studied Fine and Graphic Arts, Arabic, Sculpture,
Jewelry Making and Metal Sculpture in the form of knife making.
His travel in the Middle East greatly influenced his art and falconry.
He and his wife, Lisa, lived in Colorado and flew their Harris Hawk, Babe,
and Peregrine Falcon, Bonnie, on the Front Range prairie. He hunted
big game in the high country with his bow and rifle. He hunted antelope
on the plains with his muzzle loader. He believed that his being a direct
descendant of the famous Daniel Boone had something to do with his
hunting skills. Always a talented artist, he produced western cowboy gear
and became a character actor with an ensemble troop. His “Buffalo Bill”
character was a popular attraction at county fairs.
Genes “Homecoming” of a peregrine on a Mayan ruin remains one of the
more popular NAFA meet prints. His “Jungle Queen of a Harpy Eagle
sets the standard by which similar prints are judged. Gene was a talented,
skilled, good man.
As the ox hath his bow, sir,
the horse his curb,
and the falcon her bells,
so man hath his desires.
-As You Like It
William Shakespeare
The Johnsons and the Harrises: Gene & Babe, Lisa & Ace
In Memory of Gene
Jungle Queen by Gene Johnson
Hood presented to Sheikh Sultan bin Zayeed-Saker
-sized Arab hood with Opal triplet stone and gold
embossed eyepieces (on a goshawk in this photo).
Knife presented to Sheikh Sultan bin Zayeed-
Sterling silver and Gaboon ebony handle and O1
high-carbon tool steel blade. Sheath made of
water bualo calf and ebony.
Gene was a talented
artist and hoodmaker
who loved falconry
and hunting. He will
be missed.
Homecoming by Gene Johnson