Linda L. Kellogg:
A Loving, Enduring Legacy
August 18, 1953 – December 24, 2021
By Cliord S. Kellogg
Romans 8: 38-39: “For I
am persuaded that neither
death nor life, nor angels
nor principalities nor
powers, nor things present
nor things to come, nor
height nor depth, nor any
other created thing, shall be
able to separate us from the
love of God which is in
Christ Jesus our Lord.”
as well as an ardent supporter. There are
many references to her and her support in
NAFAs publications.
She founded the Women Falconers
Facebook group, and co-administered that
social media forum until her passing.
Above and beyond any official capacity
of service to the falconry community,
Linda was consistently working behind
the scenes for all of our benefit, whether it
was preparing meals for hungry hawkers
returning from the field, or attending
Fish & Wildlife Commission meetings,
performing raptor/falconry educational
work, and much more.
Very much like the numerous kids that
Brian and Linda helped in life, there were
countless falconers and falconer hopefuls
that she shared knowledge with. She is
survived by her Husband, my brother,
Brian, and three sons, Paul, Bo and Tyler,
brothers Richard and David Mathwig,
along with many friends and admirers.
Linda L. Kellogg leaves behind a legacy
of service, compassion and kindness that
we should all strive to draw near to. She
is missed more than words can convey,
and will never be forgotten. May she be
Dancing in Joy with Jesus for all eternity!
Left: Linda at the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, Tacoma, Washington
Linda hawking Kent Valley, Washington
Linda with Goshak/cottontail Othello, Washington
Donors: Kristy McDonald, LV Jean Ragland,
Larry Cottrell, M. Alan Jenkins, Anthony
Williams, Lawrence Ray, Timothy P. Ainge,
Washington Falconer Association, Michael
Roper, Dan and Sue Cecchini, Phil and Lori
Smith, Allen Gardner, Brad Felger, Brian
Kellogg, International Eagle Austringers
Association, Clifford & Janna Kellogg
I have written memorials for many
of our departed falconry friends, but
never imagined I would be writing this
one now.
Falconers around the world suffered a
tremendous loss on the day of Christmas
Eve, 2021, as we mourn the passing of
Linda L. Kellogg.
Linda was involved in falconry from 1971
until now (she was introduced to the
sport by her then future Husband, Brian);
she married Brian Kellogg in 1977, and
they were married for 44 years.
She was one of the original founders of
the Washington Falconers Association
in 1980, and was instrumental in events
leading up to that founding. She served
as WFA Treasurer and Vice President for a
number of years.
Linda was one of the original founders
of the International Eagle Austringers
Association, along with her husband,
Brian. She was the only Secretary/
Treasurer this Association has ever had,
until her passing on Christmas Eve, 2021.
Linda was a longtime member of the
North American Falconers Association
Linda L. Kellogg leaves behind a
legacy of service, compassion
and kindness that we should all
strive to draw near to.
Linda during one of
her many educational
Linda with
Harris’ Hawk
and Rooster
Kent Valley,
Brian and
Linda with
Linda hawking in
the Kent Valley,
Linda with
Great Horned
Owl, “Fryday”,
at the Pacific
Rim Wildlife Art
Show, Tacoma,