John & Vicki Swift
Mass for Linda A. (Wolski) Lee
A memorial mass for Linda A. (Wolski)
Lee, 44, of Conuence Mill, Pine Forge,
will be 11 a.m., Saturday, July 13,
1991 at St. Gabriel’s Roman Catholic
Church, 127 E. Howard St., Stowe.
The mass will be followed by a brief
commital service at Hawk Mountain
Sanctuary, Kempton, Berks County.
Mrs. Lee died June 28 after a lengthy
Contributions may be made in her memo-
ry to The Peregrine Fund, Boise, ID or
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Kempton, PA.
Linda (Wolski) Lee, 44; expert on
birds of prey
Linda A. (Wolski) Lee, 44, wife of H.
Paul Lee 3d of Conuence Mill, Pine
Forge died Thursday morning at home af-
ter a lengthy illness.
Born in Philadelphia, Mrs. Lee was a
daughter of Sophie J. (Gorski) Wolski
of Pine Forge and the late Edward M.
Mrs. Lee lived in the Pottstown area for
the past 20 years.
Mrs. Lee was a member of the North
American Falconers Association, the
Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust,
and the National Rehabilitation Council.
Mrs. Lee was an internationally known
expert on birds of prey and a passionate
In recent years she combined these two
interests in her work at the Conuence
Mill Raptor Center in Pine Forge which
she started with her husband.
At the center, Mrs. Lee cared for in-
jured birds of prey, raised endangered
species of birds to be returned to the
wild and created images of the animals
she loved in various media which reect-
ed her life’s work.
Mrs. Lee’s art can be found in pub-
lic and private collections as diverse
as the Air Force Academy in Colorado
Springs, Colo. and the government of the
United Arab Emirates.
Aside from her husband and mother, there
are no survivors.
Wing Beat (The PFHT Journal)
Vol. XV, December 1991
— by H. Paul Lee III
Linda Lee, 1947-1991
Endings and Beginnings
As all of you must know by now, Linda Lee, my
wife, master, and best friend died on June 27,
Linda died at home in much the same manner as
she lived - in control, irrascible, in her own time,
and with courage and conviction.
I want all of you to know that I was overwhelmed
by this tragic event but was equally impressed by
the outpouring of help, support, and feeling given
to both me and Linda’s mother, Sophie, over the
ensuing weeks and months.
Each of you, in some special way, has touched
us and given us a reason for continuing Linda’s
work. We are both forever in your debt.
I want to thank all of you who were able to attend
the services at Hawk Mountain for helping me
through that difcult ceremony and for just being
there. I am sure Linda is impressed and we all
know how hard it was to impress her.
I also need to say how much I appreciate your
donations to The Peregrine Fund and Hawk
Mountain both on an individual level and by the
club as well. I know for some of you that Hawk
Mountain can be difcult to swallow but swallow
you did. Since the mountain was one of Linda’s
favorite places, again you supported her wishes.
I guess that’s what friends are all about.
Hopefully your contributions will aid in the impor-
tant work of both these organizations in addition
to being a lasting tribute to Linda and her own
work on behalf of falconry and birds of prey.
In the end I want you to know that I will continue
Linda’s work through the captive breeding proj-
ect, donations of her work for fund raising for
birds of prey and by being a big mouth on behalf
of all the issues facing both the birds and my
brethren in the sport!
Thank you seems too trite a saying for all you
have done but it’s all I can come up with right
now. Hopefully, I’ll see a lot of you at the meet
and we can tell a bunch of lies and maybe imag-
ine Linda and Jim Rice and Jim’s dog, Sally, all
looking for Jim’s bird somewhere on the “other
side” — and Linda saying, “Jim I told you she
was too fat” and Jim saying..........
Thanks again for your friendship. Good Hawking!
Linda with James Rice III, Dan Mannix, & Al Nye
Alamosa Peregrine Sun, 1980
Metamorphosis, 1980
Linda with Peahen