The Bagley Family and Friends
Thoughts on
Garrett Drew Smith
by Robert Bagley
Garrett Smith was a friend and falconer from Salt
Lake City Utah who passed away at the wrongful age
of 26 years old.
As a young boy Garrett would come up to our house,
take a few falconry books of the shelf, say thanks and
leave. Only to come back again a few weeks later to
replace them with a few more. He worked his way
down through the five-shelves over the course of two
years and was probably the most prepared Apprentice
to ever take the State exam.
He was one of those unique
apprentices who eagerly made all
his own gear (hoods, glove, hawking
bag) right from the beginning.
Many NAFA members will remember Garrett as “the
tall kid at the Field Meets with those cool braided
leashes and the fine
attention to detail in
the gear he produced.
He quickly made many
international falconry
friends through his
travels who also
remember him as well.
His passion and
intensity was focused
on anything upon
which he gave his
attention, including
his young wife Amalia
Jane Barker, whom he
persuaded to marry
him in the summer of
In addition to his
falconry, Garrett
was an avid outdoor
sports enthusiast, rock
climber, back country
skier and photographer
of these subjects. He
was just becoming well
known and respected
in the professional
world for his incredible
photography when he
was tragically lost in an
avalanche in March,
2011, Horseshoe
Mountain Utah.
His passion and intensity
was focused on anything
upon which he gave
his attention...