Marek Plater, Tom Beaver, Bob Collins, Pennsylvania
Falconry and Hawk Trust
Eugene H. (Gene) Spuhler
June 7, 1925 – October 10, 2018
by Marek Plater
Falconer – Artist – Pilot, Eugene H. (Gene) Spuhler of Honesdale Pennsylvania and Homosassa,
Florida passed away. Gene was a pioneer of American falconry and NAFA during the early years. He was
instrumental in securing implementation of the new falconry laws especially in Pennsylvania and New
York. He sent his records to the Archives of Falconry in the 1990s. Among those records are the details
of the challenges from regulatory adversaries he overcame. In New York, for example, a permit could be
issued for a falconer to possess a bird; however, if the bird was lost, the falconer lost his permit! Gene
was up to the challenges falconers were facing.
Gene was an accomplished artist. His wildlife and falconry paintings received national and international
recognition. His art graced the covers of several Hawk Chalks.
Gene and his late wife of 63 years, Sue, lived in far northeast corner of Pennsylvania from which he
commuted to New York airports as a pilot for TWA for 37 years. Since Honesdale was a good day’s
drive to any of the Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust (PFHT) events, Gene and Sue would often
fly their private plane to a local airstrip where a local falconer friend would meet and taxi them to the
event. He enjoyed hawking stories and could always add some colorful ones of his own.
Gene took advantage of his many overseas flights and frequently met with foreign falconers and
attended their events. He became good friends with the legendary falconer-artist Renz Waller with
whom he exchanged several paintings.
Gene always enjoyed his contacts with the falconry community. He often spoke of the love he and Sue
had for their family, their farm in NE Pennsylvania, the nearby nesting goshawks, and the fly fishing on
the west bank of the Delaware River.
Always a gentleman and welcoming a visitor, Gene will be missed by all who had the pleasure to know
him. His presence and contributions to the community of falconers will be greatly missed.
His presence and contributions to the
community of falconers will be greatly missed.
Gene was an accomplished
artist. His art was featured on
several covers of Hawk Chalks.