Judi and Walter Imfeld III, Don Hewlett and Chris Jensen, Buddy and Judy
DeMasters, Frederick and Mitchell Evans, David and Jette Ortegel, The
California Hawking Club
A Master Falconer Joins His
Companions in Flight
12-6-1928 to 12-17-2013
Born in Connecticut and traveled with family
to California during the Depression where he
stayed until he enlisted in the US Navy for the
remainder of WWII. He then joined the Army
and served proudly in heavy combat during the
Korean War. On return, Ray married Margaret
Davis. Together they raised four children. As
a Master Falconer, he made a life of nature,
animal welfare, and the environment the family
focus. His proudest years were over 25 years in
the California Division of Forestry (CDF). He
opened the Esperanza fire station in Mountain
Ranch, CA. and transferred to the Calaveras
County headquarters in San Andreas where he
served as Captain until his retirement. There he
mentored young men in firefighting and in life –
many of whom remained his closest friends.
Ray’s first goshawk Jenny.
He is survived by his children, David Hodo of NY, Lee Hodo of Santa Rosa, CA, and Donna Rae Turner of Sacramento, CA and his
brother Franklyn Turner of La Honda, CA.
I met Ray Turner at a summer picnic (now called a mini meet) in the early years of the California
Hawking Club. He introduced himself to me and Judi (my girl friend, now my wife) He said he lived in
the foothill town of San Andreas (a high Cooper’s hawk area). He invited me to visit, which I jumped at.
From that introduction at a CHC function started a life long friendship. I knew Ray as a real family man,
master falconer and close friend.
Ray and I started going to the meets together, either meeting there when in northern California areas
and traveling together when in southern areas. One time Ray even arranged for us to stay in a CDF fire
station during a meet.
Ray really enjoyed the CHC, not much in politics, more in friendships, seeing other birds hunt and good
times had at club functions. Making plans for the next event the day the last one ended. Ray was always
a contributor to the fund raising events in the club. He also enjoyed a good cigar and beer at the nightly
meetings. The California Hawking Club brought Ray and I together and was a big part in our yearly
plans.Ray moved to Mountain Ranch in the early 90’s or late 80’s, don’t remember the exact year. He
built a rammed earth house (adobe) getting most of the materials from his land. It was hard to get him
to travel after that. If you wanted to see Ray you had to go there, which was fine with me, he had great
hunting areas.
In the last few years the only time I would see Ray, was stopping by his house on the way to my yearly
nest checks (goshawks). The last time we went together was 2006, when we got finished hiking that
afternoon we both figured this would be the last trip together because of our many health issues. I
hardly saw Ray after that. Ray will be missed by many friends from CHC and me.
By Wally Imfeld III