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Remembering Barrie D. Watson
by jack and Vicky Stoddart
arrie Dannell Watson was born on 17 Dec 1941 in Colorado the son John Upton and Winifred
Horscroft Watson. After having a massive stroke on May 20'\ Barrie passed away on May 29,
2011 in the Sangre de Cristo Hospice in Pueblo, CO.
Barrie grew up in a home full of books. He was a law librarian, a book seller
and an avid reader who had no interest in watching television. Barrie was also
an avid fly fisherman, backpacker, bird watcher and naturalist. Barrie was a
charter member of NAFA and charter member of the Colorado Hawking Club.
Barrie got his start in falconry when he met Robert Niedrach, the noted raptor
researcher and Curator of Birds, at the Denver Museum of Natural History.
The museum rescued an imprint redtail and gave her to Barrie. He flew and
cared for "Regina" for nearly 30 years. Barrie was a loyal friend. After the love of
Barrie's life, Katherine, passed away, her dog "Angel" became Barrie's constant
companion. They traveled everywhere together side by side.
When NAFA was formed at Hal and Katie Webster's home over Thanksgiving
weekend in 1961, young beginning falconers met and began lifelong
friendships. For that generation, falconry books were difficult to obtain.
One of NAFA's focuses was to disseminate falconry information. Barrie
Watson contributed greatly to provide the needed literature for the falconry
Barrie was the editor of the 1969 and 1970 NAFA Journals. Even today both of these journals are viewed by many as a valuable resource.
The 1969 NAFA journal had the first color graphic utilized in a NAFA publication. The 1970 NAFA Journal has a wonderful article written
by Friedrich W. Remmler titled "Reminiscences from My Life with Eagles". Apparently, Doctor Remmler sent out two manuscripts written
in German one to NAFA and one to the Deutscher Falkenorden. At that time, Doctor Remmler was an honorary member of NAFA. Barrie
had Doctor Remmler's manuscript translated into English and published two years before the Deutscher Falkenorden published the
By 1974, Barrie reprinted and indexed the "American
Falconers' Club Journals" in partnership with John
Linthicum and Gordon Grenfell.
He also reprinted "Mellor's Notes on Falconry",
Burton's "Falconry in the Valley of Indus'; Freeman
and Salvin's "Falconry: Its Claims, History and
Practice", Fisher's "Reminiscences of a Falconer"
with Gordon Grenfell. Barrie and Steven Hannon's
partnership, Chasse Publications, translated and
published Schlegel & Wulverhorst's "Traite de
Barrie went to the Texas beaches to trap peregrines
with John G. Linthicum in 1965 and 1966.
Barrie made significant contributions getting the
Archives of Falconry up and running. He had
appraised Minard Steven's collection for Minard so he could donate his collection to the University of Nevada several years before the
Archives became a reality. Barrie also worked with the Stabler family to print the American Falconers' Club journals. When Dr. Stabler
passed away he worked with Dr. Stabler's family to send his collection to the Archives.
With his knowledge of falconry, its history, and his professional expertise, Barrie's behind the scenes contributions to the falconry
community were significant. Falconers have, and will continue to, benefit for many years because of this gentle soul's selfless dedication.
As a friend remarked: 'There will never be another 'Barrie Watson".
-Dan McCarron, friend