California Hawking Club, North American Falconers Association,
Rocky Montgomery, Mac Lopez, Brad Felger, Glenn and Anna
Stewart, Scot McNeff, Mike and Sandra Arnold
obert Burgess Winslow, 92, of Dana Point,
California, known to friends and family as Bob
Winslow, passed away peacefully at home on
June 23, 2018. He was born July 3, 1925 in Iowa.
“Bobbie, as his mother affectionately called
him, developed a love for reading that lasted
through his final days. At the age of seven, he
read an article titled “The Ancient Sport of
Kings, from then on he became a falconer.
During WWII, Bob Winslow and his two brothers
served in the US Military. Bob joined the US Army
Air Corps. In 1945, Bob Winslow graduated Advanced
Bombardier and D/R Navigation School at Childress,
TX, where he received his wings. Bob was promoted to
flight officer and sent to Boca Raton Radar School where
he trained aboard the powerful B29 Superfortress.
Perseverance, hard work, and a healthy dose of
stubbornness propelled Bob throughout his life.
Following WWII, Bob graduated from the University of
Iowa and earned a Master’s Degree in Parasitology. Bob
Winslow sought knowledge with the same intensity that
his falcons brought down ducks. He valued education
above all else and instilled that in his grandchildren
as they seized the opportunity to go to college.
Bob Winslow led a successful career in the poultry
industry. Due to his background in ornithology and
parasitology he was instrumental in diagnosing Black
Head disease in turkeys. Bobs technical knowledge and
skills served him well contributing to sales and marketing
for large poultry companies throughout the USA. Bob was
an extraordinary specialist in the poultry industry and an
authority for the study, diagnosis and treatment of poultry.
Bob Winslow was one of the few remaining first
generation of North American Master Falconers.
Whether flying goshawks off the glove in pursuit of rabbits
or flying peregrine falcons that dove at 200 mph as they
struck ducks from the sky, Bob was an expert falconer.
Bob loved falconry because it allowed him to observe birds
of prey in their natural environment while remaining
a gentle participant. Bob left a wealth of knowledge for
the patient few who listened and other future falconers
who will carry on the ancient sport of kings.
Robert Burgess Winslow was preceded in death by
his beloved wife of 57 years, Bettie (Ford) Winslow,
parents Warren and Helen Winslow, brothers Warren
Winslow, Jr., and John Winslow. He is survived by his
brother Thomas Winslow and sister Nancy Winslow,
his three children Robert Winslow, Christopher
(Laurie) Winslow, and Jennifer (Townley) Rose, five
grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.
He is loved, cherished, and forever
remembered. “Alright Hawk!”
Robert Burgess Winslow