Tom and Renetta Cade, Kent Carnie, Jack and Vicky Stoddart, Jim and
Chris Weaver
Jim in 1964
1938 at the age of 15, Larry Zuk became a falconer in New York. Larry said, “He and Artie Donahue
started in the sport together. Larry kept in contact with another New York falconer, Vern Siefert.
Larry said, he and Vern made hood blocks together. Doc Stabler was the first experienced falconer
he met. He said, “In 1941, I went to the University of Pennsylvania. When I heard Doc Stabler was teaching
there. I looked him up. I ended up living with the Stablers. I slept in Doc’s snake room.
After WW II, Larry was a naval officer stationed near San Diego, California. In the beginning, Bill Turner was
there. When Turner was discharged, Larry hooked up with Dan Brimm. Larry was a naval officer for the rest of
the year. He was still in the navy, but he had his own car, and he lived on Redondo Beach.
On September 23, 1945, Larry and Jack Acker caught a haggard peregrine on Danas Point. On that same day he
met Paula Schuette on the beach. Paula and Larry were married in 1947. Larry named this haggard “Tlanuwa.
Larry lost Tlanuwa in her 6th season while hawking near Bromfield, Colorado.
In the summer of 1946, Dan Brimm and Larry Zuk hacked three peregrines on Point Loma. They left one
tiercel in the eyrie and hacked two falcons and one tiercel.
When Larry was discharged in 1946, he started driving. He zigzagged across the country from San Diego back
to Doc Stabler’s snake room. Larry first drove to Livermore, California to visit Minard Stevens. While visiting
Minard, Larry met Kent Carnie for the first time. Next stop was Morley Nelsons home in Salt Lake City, Utah.
When he started his trip, he had his haggard California Anatum and a freshly hacked tiercel. He lost that
hacked tiercel while flying him with Hal Webster in Denver. When Larry left Denver, he headed for Minnesota
to visit Robert Widmeier.
Alvin Nye and Doc Stabler taught Larry how to play Lacrosse. “I even made the University of Pennsylvanias
Lacrosse team. When we moved to Colorado, I played with the Denver Lacrosse Club.
The Zuks moved to New York in 1948, where Larry completed his Master’s degree at Columbia University. In
1949 on their way to Salt Lake to hawk with Morley Nelson, Larry, Paula, new baby Erica Zuk, stopped at a
motel, restaurant, truck stop named the Cozy Corner, in Broomfield, Colorado. Larry drove around the Cozy
Corner’s section and counted 101 pheasants. Larry said, “I’m staying here- ha, ha. We lived at the Cozy Corner
for three years.
Pete Asborno went hawking with Larry in “Larry’s territory” 2 or 3 days a week. There is a 16mm movie taken
by William F. Russell of Pete and Larry hawking waterfowl at the Archives. Larry said, “We took 17 Great
Blue Herons in one season. We banded 16 GBH and released them back into the wild. That 17th bird was too
damaged to release. I remember one flight: “When I was hawking alone. I saw the heron and the Peregrine go
down near the creek, but when I stood on the embankment overlooking the creek, I could not see the heron
or the falcon. Suddenly, the falcon popped up from under the water’s surface. She still had hold of the herons
head. Since the falcon was soaking wet, she relinquished the heron unharmed and I turned the heron loose.
Larry’s last falcon was given to Air Force Academy in 1954.
Lawrence E. “Lay” Zuk
March 23, 1923 - December 11, 2015
Minnard Stevens with Zuk’s falcons
Larry at Jack Stoddart’s, 2005
L-R: Larry Zuk, Pete Asborno, Bill Russell, Vinny
Cassone, Stan White, Vern Seifert, Broomeld,
Colorado-Nov. 1949
Larry and R. M. Stabler,
June 1947
Zuk with haggard falcon and male marsh hawk, Pete
Asborno with long eared owl and passage falcon.
Broomeld, Colorado-Dec. 1949
Larry with eyess red
shouldered, 1942
Larry, bird and the “U.S.S. Peregrine”
at Indian Village, Palos Verdes, CA- Jan
1946 Photo by Paula Zuk
Paula Zuk
Tlanuna and her rst heron
April 1950
Larry and his
idol, Doc Stabler